2004 Audi TT

Bella is our nice car.  3.2 liter V6 normally aspirated with a paddle shifter and fast.  She's our only car that I didn't restore.  We bought her in 2015 with only 60K miles on her.  She's a blast to drive and we user her to show off.


The Lotus

1968 Lotus Elan S3

The Lotus was my first restoration.  He's the most fun to drive.  Your own private roller coaster.  1.6 liter DOHC, 4- spd transmission.  We got her after a small engine fire that consumed most of the wiring and fiberglass body.  Moral of the story, carry a fire extinguisher.  



1958 Nash Metropolitan

Betty is our parade car.  We got her in 2010 as a shell.  Just the body and suspension.  Spent 5 years rebuilding her as a resto-mod.  1.5 litter MGA motor, three on the tree and a midget rearend.   Betty taught me how to weld, well her and YouTube anyway.

You can't drive Betty without being in a good mood.  Everyone stops to say hi and tell you all about growing up with one down the street.  Lot's of teenage stories that make you smile.



1936 Austin Seven Opal

Oliver is one of the flat-head bothers.  We found him down in East LA.  Imagine two middle-aged white women in East LA buying an 80 year old car.  I'll let Mary tell you about that one.  Oliver is in storage waiting his turn.  I have big plans to turn Oliver into a British Hot-Rod.  But he'll have to wait for his brother, Oscar, to be done.


1929 Indian Scout 101

'Oscar the bastard'. Why 'the bastard', because every part I go to fix came from some other father.

Oscar is my current project.  We got him from the hills of San Diego in 2017.  That trip is another good blog post but it too will have to wait.

We'll be doing the 2020 Cannonball on Oscar.  Don't know what the cannonball is, read about here.