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Wrong Gearbox

I started to realize I was in trouble when I got the gearbox open. I would have known something was wrong when I bough Oscar is if I had paid more attention to the gearbox. It's clearly the wrong gearbox and primary. I'm pretty sure it's from an early 20's scout. The clutch is smaller, the main gearbox bearing is in backwards and case doesn't have the cutout for the brake shaft.

Even so, once I got it apart it was obvious the clutch was dead when they put him down to rest 50 years ago. The whole thing just fell apart when I opened the clutch basket. That and ball bearings just fell over the floor as soon as I opened the lid on the gearbox. It was a holy mess. 50 years of dirt, oil and water had pretty much taken it's toll on the gearbox.

And he didn't want me fixing him either. That gearbox bearing is a bitch to find. It's not a standard bearing and I could only find one source for it in Sweden. When the bearing finally showed up I start the process of pulling the old bearing out only to find that the bearing housing on the case was cracked. That's why the bearings all fell out when I opened the case. The entire bearing race was loose. Oscar's a bastard, I should have looked more carefully. Anyway back to eBay to find a new 20's gearbox housing.

I thought about upgrading to an original 101 primary, clutch and gearbox, but that would be $1000's more since I didn't have any of those parts. So i just went with what I had. I did manage to find a new housing on eBay for a couple of hundred bucks.

Once that came in I was able to get everything cleaned up, new bushings made and bearings installed. My only piece of advice for you about rebuilding the 101 gearbox is "Heat the Case" anytime you push a new bearing in. I used the shop oven to about 300 degrees and put the bearing in the freezer for an hour or so. If it doesn't just go right in then you're doing something wrong.

Here's the gearbox all cleaned up and ready to assemble.

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