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Why Oscar's a bastard!

Updated: Jan 6

Oscar's a bastard. Oscar definitely has one mother and several fathers. He has a 1929 Indian scout 101 engine. I know this because of the engine number on the engine cases. This puts his birthday in July of 1929, almost 91 years ago. He has a 101 scout frame of the same age. A year earlier and the seat post would be angled backwards. A few years later and it would be completely different.

The wheels were clincher rims and were completely rusted through. The gas tank had no bottom. The handle bars were bent and cracked. The front forks were bent and worn out. The front leaf spring was cracked completely through two of the leafs. The engine looked like it had been sitting in a swamp the last 20 years. The good news is all of that is original to the bike. Every thing else, well who knows. The gearbox is from a 1926 or 27 scout, the primary came has a 1924 date code on it. The kick starter and drive train looks like it came off a Indian 741. The carburetor was an aftermarket Beck M6, but was so full of dirt I needed shovel to clean it out. I have no idea where the headlight or hand brake came from. And that's the stuff that was there.

There's a long list of stuff that was missing. Little things that you don't think of while you're looking at the pictures on e-bay. Like a magneto, battery box, tool box, exhaust headers, muffler, chain, fenders, and million little things.

Over the next few posts I'll go over every thing the bastard did while I was restoring him. He did not make it easy that's for sure. Every step was a battle.

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