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Valve Springs

I worked on the valve train this weekend. I used the valves from a 30's sport scout. First, they're much easier to find and they're a more modern valve with nitrate coating and wedge type valve collars. But the sport scout used a fatter valve spring that doesn't fit inside the 101's covers. And I wanted to keep the 101's spring rate to reduce the load on the older cams and push rods.

Getting the valves was easy but I had a real hard time finding valve spring collars that fit the valve and inside the 101's springs. So it was back to the lathe to make up some new valve collars. I took the inside measurements from the new style collar, and the outside measurements from the older style. The unknown was the type of steel to use. I ended up going with 1144. It's harder and stronger than mild steel and 6101 aluminum. But not as hard as 4140, but also not as brittle. I'm thinking the load on the collars at this spring rate and RPM's is probably much smaller then modern engines. I'll open the engine back up after a few hundred miles and check on them. If they're not hard enough I'll remake them out of 4140.

You can also see I ground and lapped the valve seats in. I think it all came out nice.

WTR : 60

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