• Mary

Three More Days

Three more days until we leave for Cannonball. The mood in the house is a mix of panic and excitement. It's easy to get overwhelmed quickly over so many details, but eventually, you get to the place where you say to yourself, screw it, and do what you can. Today Dana is putting the gas tank back on the bike after (hopefully) fixing a leak and securing the front brake. She is also making extra parts to take with us.

Our travel plans are to leave California on Wednesday and head towards Portland, OR, to visit our younger son and his wife. Then from there, we will drive to Denver, CO, and visit our other son and his family. On Saturday, Sept 4, we'll start making our way to Sault Saint Marie, MI, on the Canadian border. The official start is on Thursday, Sept 9.

It's still surreal that this is finally happening. It's been two years of restoration work, two years of prepping for the Cannonball itself, several significant setbacks, and now it's here!

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