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Sport Scout Cylinders

Oscar's cylinders were the original factory cylinders but were 0.060 over and pretty rusted up. They needed a rebore and hone but there wasn't any room left between the intake value and cylinder wall. So I decided to upgrade to new sport scout cylinders from enfieldracing.com Overall I'm pretty happy with them and they do just bolt in. But there are some gotchas you should know about if you decide to upgrade to sport scout cylinders.

The cylinders are quite a bit wider. So they interfere with both the magneto and transmission tower. I had to use a dremel tool to cut away some of the cooling fins to make everything fit. It's a little nerve wracking to cut away at brand new cylinders but just take your time and you won't have any problems.

The next issue were all of the new parts you'll need to go along with the new cylinders. You'll need

  1. A new sport scout intake manifold.

  2. New sport scout carburetor.

  3. New exhaust headers and muffler.

  4. Sport scout heads, head bolts and spark plugs.

  5. New valves, valve guides, valve springs, and valve covers, or modify the 101's valve covers to fit on the new cylinders.

I ended up fabricating new exhaust headers because neither the 101 headers, nor the sport scout headers will fit. The front header comes awfully close to the cam cover and you'll see I had to grind down the cam cover a little to get it all to fit.

Then there's all of the little pieces that just don't fit anymore.

  1. The transmission shifter isn't wide enough to clear the new cylinders.

  2. The oil feed line needs to be rerouted to get around the front exhaust header.

  3. And the big one, the throttle control cable doesn't reach the carburetor anymore.

Oscar has a Right Hand throttle and the control line pushes to accelerate and pulls to idle. With the original 101 throttle linkage in the cable doesn't reach the carb and it needs a new cable mount fabricated for the new heads. If you use the sport scout linkage the cable reaches but is backwards. It pushes to idle and pulls to accelerate. If you go with the sport scout linkage you'll need to swap the handle bar controls to a Left Hand twist. If you go with the 101 linkage you'll need a new cable cut to length and build new cable clips.

I choose to keep the 101 linkage and get a new cable.

I haven't solved the shifter issue yet. My shifter is on the carb side and the new sport scout carb sticks out to far and the shifter hits it. I think I'll need to extend and bend the shifter to fit the new cylinders and carb. But I don't want to do that, until I sit on it and find the right spot for it.

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