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My Introduction

"And because there's nowhere to go but everywhere, and keep rolling under the stars..." ~Jack Kerouac (1922–1969), On the Road

Every day for a year now, I kept putting this introduction post off because the Cannonball 2020 felt so far away. From the moment Dana got the "you are in" email to walking around swap meets in Nebraska, Ohio, and Colorado, September 2020 is a long way off. Weekend after weekend of Dana working on restoring a 1929 101 Indian Scout motorcycle in the garage, the months and weeks ticked by and now the calendar shows the Cannonball is 29 weekends away. Now, for me, time is gaining momentum. Plans need to be put into place. Research must be done. Now is time for me to put pen to paper and start sharing this amazing adventure with you. If you are reading this post, you may already be familiar with what the Motorcycle Cannonball Run is all about, but in case you don't, this is an antique motorcycle endurance event that takes place every other year. This year the adventure will begin in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan at the Canadian border, travel through twelve states and will finish two and a half weeks later in San Padre Island, Texas at the Mexican border. Every morning the riders will receive their turn by turn directions and will travel via back roads to the next destination. My job? My job is to drive the support van which will be full of tools, extra parts, and equipment. I am not permitted to drive behind her, if she breaks down or needs to adjust something on her bike, she's on her own and must make do with what she carries with her. I'm to drive straight to the next hotel and wait! My plan though is not to wait in the hotel parking lot while she's cruising the back roads of America with over a hundred other antique motorcycle enthusiasts. I'll be taking this opportunity to delve into the local history and Americana as we travel through parts of this country we have not visited before. Here is where I will share my part of this incredible adventure, not only on what happens on the road but what is going on behind the scenes here at The Castle Hill Garage. I look forward to all of you enjoying our journey with us!

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