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I'm an eBay junkie I admit it. I check eBay at least twice a day looking for parts. A few weeks ago some parts for a Splitdorf NS-2 magneto came up for sale and I thought I might need them.

Over the years I've learned to make sure the parts you're buying are the same as the ones you need. I've bought more then a few things that I either didn't need or didn't fit the car. So, when the magneto parts cam up for sale I went out to the workshop and dug out Oscar's old magneto.

Splitdorf Magneto
Oscar the Bastard's magneto. Of coarse it's missing the most important pieces.

I got as far as taking the cover off when I found this. I don't know much about magnetos yet, but I certain there's supposed to be a coil and a big heavy magnet there. Mine, not so much.

Oscar, 'The Bastard' strikes again.

I've been hunting for new magneto's since then.

Last Friday Mary and I went off to Dixon CA for a AMCA swap meet. Dixon's about a two hour drive from us. We had a great day and I managed to find not one but two magnetos! Which is a great relief because it's one of the parts everyone in the race seems to have trouble with. I'd like to have at least one spare, preferably two.

And of course now that I have the two new magnetos another one pops up on eBay which only has the base and the magnet. When it rains it pours. I'm going to bid on that one and see if I can get it too. If so, I'll have the parts for three altogether.

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