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Engine Trouble

How old do you think that dirt is?

Next up the engine. Man the engine was a mess. I thought the gearbox was bad. Put oil water and dirt in a gearbox and that makes a mess. Put all that in an engine and it's never going to run again.

Oscar's a bastard and he doesn't want to get fixed. The cylinders were shot. 60 thousand over and full of rust. There was no way they were going to be usable. The years of water had pitted the pinion side bearing race so bad it was unusable.

I decided to replace the cylinders with new sport scout cylinders. You can read about all the work it took to get them in and working here.

I had to replace the 101's intake manifold with the sport scout's manifold to match the new cylinders. Obviously I didn't have one so back to eBay. Found a clean one for a couple of bucks. I'm going to say right now it took me an embarrassing long time to figure out it was junk. Oscar was going to have no part of that manifold. The sport scout manifold is a Y and this one's ends were filed short for some reason. So as you tried to get the intake seals lined up, (side note : the Indian engineer who designed this is resting comfortably in hell right now), you could get one side or the other to seal. But of course you can't know this until the whole thing is on and you test it, because you can't see the seals when the manifold is bolted in. The entire time I'm bubble testing and trying to get this POS to work, Oscar is laughing at me.

Then there's the valve train. You already know about all the valve train that has to be swapped out to use the sport scout valves. My troubles with the valve train were just starting, and to be honest continue even to today. There's a loud gear lash noise coming from the valve train that I just can't find. Here's what I've found so far.

Found the valve cam follower's roller bearing where pretty worn out so I ordered brand new ones and replaced them. Nope not it.

Found the rear exhaust valve follower was interfering with the valve case cover. I'm pretty sure this is because I'm not using a gasket on the the valve cover. I'm trying not to use gaskets so I can open the engine up on the cannonball without having to worry about replacing gaskets. So I redid the rear bushing to make up for it and fixed the interference.

Nope not it.

I found the exhaust compression release lever was really loose and could interfere with the valve. So I fabricated a new one and put that on. Nope not it.

The magneto gear seal is another Indian design fiasco, (again hope the Indian engineer is resting well down there). It's entirely possible that gear rubs the steel oil sleeve and was making the noise. But you can't see it once everything's installed so its impossible to tell. So I rebuilt the oil slinger design and used a rubber seal. This worked great at keeping the oil out of the magneto and off of the engine. But did nothing for the noise.

I'm still fighting this one. But for right now Oscar is winning. Here's the engine ready to be installed in the bike.

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