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Bushings, Bushings and more Bushings

This weekend was all about bushings. I started with the transmission and worked my way around to the cam bushings on the other side of the engine. I wonder sometimes how this engine even ran. The transmission bushings aren't so bad, around 10 thousands off. They all pushed out easy and with no real drama . The counter shaft and main shafts have about 1 thousands wear on them.

The cam bushings were a completely different story. How did they drive this thing. The noise must have been deafening. None of the bushings were even close.

And, I have no idea how to push out the blind bushings. I'll have to go the AMCA forum and ask if anyone has a secret to getting them out. If you look closely you can see the first intermediate gear's bushing spun out of the case. The same bushing spun out on the other side too. I'm not sure if it was put in without the pins, or if they just sheared off.


I ended up getting the transmission's counter shaft bushings done and in before I ran out of bronze. Why did I run out of bronze? Well because it took me three tries to get them right. Seems like I have to do everything three times. They ended up right on the money though. 3 thousands clearance and 7 thousands end play. I ordered more bronze stock and next weekend I'll make the main shaft and clutch housing bushings. After they're ready I'll put the transmission together and measure it up for new thrust washers.

I'm still on a hunt for a kick starter gear. There was one on eBay a few months ago and I didn't win it, too cheap. I haven't seen one since so I'm hoping I didn't make a mistake by not bidding enough. I still have time though, good things come to those who wait.

More next week...

Build Notes:


Counter shaft Bushing Clearance : Honed to 0.003"

Counter shaft End Play : 0.007"

Rear Bearing: 98207 MB

Counter shaft condition : Fair, no pitting, has wear.

Counter shaft housing bushing : Not replaced. < 0.005 up and down play.

Housing: Cracked lug hole in the back. Ground down, welded, and filed flat.

Engine lug mounts all good no cracks.

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