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Bits and Pieces

I didn't get a lot done this weekend. We went up to Portland and to visit our son Kevin. But, I did manage to get the rest of the bushings out from last weekend.

I went online and asked the AMCA forum for help, and sure enough got some great advice. I went with the 'hydraulic' solution. Basically you fill up the blind bushing with grease and then try to compress the grease. Since it won't compress the force only has one way to go and that is up and out by pushing on the bottom of the bushing.

Here's the cam cover and you can see I filled the bushing with grease. Then I machined down a steel rod I had laying around to fit in the bushing.

Then it's just a matter of pushing the bushing out. I supported the bottom of the cam cover on the vice, put the steel rod in the bushing as far as it could go, and gave the rod a good 'whack'. Just like that I got grease all over me as it came squirting out the oil feed hole on the side. Not my smartest move ever.

So then, I cleaned everything up, got rid of the grease and filled the oil hole and groove up with epoxy. I put the whole thing in the shop oven for 30 minutes or so to let the epoxy dry and also expand the aluminum case.

After it dried, I set it all up again and gave it another 'Whack' and bingo-bango the bushing is out. The whole thing took 5 minutes of work, 30 minutes to dry. The next two bushings came out just as easily. No cutting, no pulling, no mess. The only other important piece of advise is to make sure the machined rod is twice the height of the bushing because it has to go up by that amount to get out of the hole.

That was all I got done last week. 76 more weekends to go. At this point I got most of the engine and transmission apart and I'm just waiting for the delivery of the bronze to start making more bushings.

More next week....

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