• Dana

Benny 'The Garage Dog'

Benny's our garage dog. I've given him the role of First Safety Officer. His main job is to keep the workshop safe. Anytime it gets loud, smelly, or messy he ups and leaves. That's my signal to get the safety gear on. It usually works out well but not this weekend.

It was the first nice warm sunny weekend in a while and he was out in the sun getting a suntan. At some point during the day he decided he was going to out exploring. I don't usually worry about him wondering about, we don't get a lot of cars in the neighborhood and he always comes back for food. And, after about 30 minutes he comes back in the garage and he has decided that whatever smelly thing was out there in the fields he had to wiggle in. He had 'wiggled in poo'.

This is my First Safety Officer getting his decontamination bath

Let's hope he's learned his lesson.

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